An Accountant’s Design with the City

Beginning her college education with a major in Communications, Courtney planned to work with TV and Broadcasting after graduation.  However, after several internships, she decided to take a different path. Courtney found herself working at a local university, where her career as an accountant began. Although Courtney works with numbers and accounting during the day, she shares how her  “big creative brain” leads to the outlet of jewelry making and painting. When she’s not crunching numbers at work or spending time with her family, Courtney explores her creativity through designing jewelry and teaching others how to find their own creative outlets.

One of Courtney’s most popular jewelry pieces is her “City of Oaks” earrings. A friend of Courtney’s came to her with the idea of using an acorn cap on an earring, and the piece developed from there as Courtney found a way to bring the vision to life. These earrings come in a signature style-- an off-white glass pearl and raw brass acorn top-- which creates a recognizable piece found only in a handful of local retail stores around Raleigh. These unique earrings are recognized by their “City of Oaks” name, a tribute to Raleigh because of its many oak trees.  This is another way Courtney’s jewelry resonates with local Raleigh buyers while including a touch of the city in her design.

Courtney uses her gift of jewelry making to impact the community around her in many ways. She offers workshops, where people can come and learn how to make jewelry, and she can help others build confidence in their creative skills while helping them find their own outlet. Courtney believes these workshops help others find their untapped creative potential and she loves being able to inspire others to explore their own creative brains. During these workshops, Courtney likes to keep what she’s teaching simple, in a step-by-step way like accounting, to let her students use their own creativeness to make their pieces unique. Along with the workshops, Courtney has been able to use her gift to support causes close to her heart. During certain times of the year, Courtney donates a portion of her proceeds from her art pieces to organizations like Breast Cancer Research and the Down Syndrome Society, as a way to support and give back to our community.



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