Compassion is Engineering Culture Designs

As the Culture Design Engineer at Project 366, Sarah is pursuing her passions within the mathematics field. Sarah is a compassionate individual who values responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and success. Although she spends a lot of her time working with statistics in the mathematics field, Sarah also enjoys exploring her creative side through baking and bullet journaling. She’s extremely grateful for the many opportunities at school, her many communities of family and friends, and being able to pursue her passions.



In her role as the Culture Design Engineer, Sarah designs surveys and analyzes the results to measure the involvement of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) professionals in art.  She plans to use these results and better target the STEM fields to discover how art can inspire professionals these fields. Along with surveying, Sarah is designing Project 366’s handbook to explain our program’s purpose and serve as a first interaction in the program. Her work at Project 366 is contributing to the program’s overall development as the data will help Project 366 target specific demographics and introduce new crafts to our lessons.



Sarah is excited about the opportunity to learn what type of art the professionals in the STEM fields are interested in, and she is interested in finding ways to incorporate art within them. Her project is offering opportunities to include her education within the women’s studies field into mathematics and help others explore the diversity within the STEM fields with a woman’s perspective. Sarah believes it’s important for college students to know how to interact with different people, and she loves “bringing together all sorts of people with [her] work.” As she continues with her work in mathematics, Sarah plans to leave a lasting impact by using her “field of study, that not many people are interested in, to bridge gaps, not only between math and humanities, but also the people and ideas behind them.”


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