A Chemist’s Rebellious Performance

Beginning his career as a chemist five years ago, Alex has developed his skills in working with out-of-the-box ideas and innovative thinking. Working in the chemistry field has allowed Alex to flourish as an individual while providing himself with the stable job allowing him to explore his other passions. He considers himself to be a “music enthusiast”, playing several instruments, along with paintball, as passionate outlets. In addition to music and paintball, Alex also has a passion within the theater world.
When he was in sixth grade, Alex started taking drama classes because he enjoyed the teacher.   The drama classes led to him developing a passion for theater.  Alex continued his education with a focus on theater for four years at college. He found himself exploring behind-the-scenes work for shows because he disliked memorizing lines. After exploring the world of improvisation (improv) acting at Matthew’s Playhouse, Alex’s appreciation for improv acting grew. He began to look at colleges and decided to pursue a degree in chemistry to have a stable job after graduating.  However, his choice of chemistry as a college major didn’t stop him from continuing within the theater world.
Alex saw a flyer for the Comedic Improvisation Alliance (CIA) club while he was working towards his undergraduate degree and it created an opportunityto continue his improv acting without being confined to the strictness of a theater program. Alex became an active member of the club, but after he graduated the club began to struggle. Once Alex moved to Raleigh, he focused on helping to revive the CIA club.  He became a formal teacher and eventually began teaching advanced improv classes, along with becoming involved in a local Improv Theatre called ComedyWorx.
Alex’s gift in improv acting has led him to leave an entertaining impact on his students and audiences. He enjoys making people laugh and performing in activities like stress buster shows, which have helped him reach out to his audiences while doing something he loves. Alex has helped his students learn to channel their energy and develop their improv skills so they can use what they learn in everyday situations, such as job interviews and workplace settings. Alex says he enjoys being able to teach others by “looking like a fool” to show what works in the improv world.  He believes it’s important to “slow down, realize where you’re at, take a deep breath and focus” - a great piece of advice for those who want to learn to channel their energy!
Spring 2018

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