An Illustrator Delivers the Human Body on Parchment

As a Medical Illustrator, Lauren acts as a translator between the patients and the doctors in the hospital. Lauren’s gift impacts others by acting as a translator between the medical professionals and the patients, which allows professionals to break down information for the patients in a language everyone can understand. She loves being able to help patients through creating visual illustrations, which explain procedures they may go through. By combining her love of drawing and passion for the medical field, Lauren is able to take complex information and break it down to help others through a different type of communication.

Lauren always had an interest in pursuing a career in the health field because she grew up with her father working as a surgeon. However, Lauren always had a passion for the arts as well. With a combined interest in the medical field and arts field, she was led to pursue a pre-med degree with a studio art minor. Lauren's love of the combination of the fields continued to develop throughout her four years in college and during her senior year of her undergraduate program, where she discovered the path of medical illustration. Lauren then continued her education in medical and art graduate programs. After finishing her education, she found her profession as a Medical Illustrator at a local hospital’s surgery department and has been working there since.

Lauren’s gift in illustration partners with her passion for working in the medical field and inspires her to combine these talents for medical illustration. She focuses on strengthening illustration skills by drawing diagrams for patients and explain what their doctor is saying about their condition. Lauren's unique gift allows her to work in a hospital and support patients while acting as a creative outlet for her artistic side.


Spring 2018

Torie Tracy


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