An Open Letter to the Art Professional in Progress

To the “Aspiring Art Professional,”

It’ll start with a calling; maybe a slight nudge from a mentor or teacher, or stumbling across a random job posting that seems to perfectly combine your passions. You’ll feel a fresh sense of direction as your gift begins to unfold in front of you, and you’ll finally be able to realize how possible it is to use something you love in a professional manner. It took one semester of studio art classes and a very persistent English professor to realize my gift came in the form of writing, but it was only the beginning of my personal journey to becoming an art professional.

Although finding your gift is an important step on your creative journey, it is equally as important to understand that there is always room for improvement. Your gift is constantly changing, and by acknowledging that technique is perfected over time, you will be able to find a purpose within your work. Surrounding yourself with people who share an interest in your gift and journey will help you through any tough times. My mentors have provided me with endless encouragement, advice, and some tough love when I needed it. Finding those who cherish the importance of art and who are willing to be a driving force on your journey will help you throughout your training, as they will be able to provide much-needed support and assist you in molding your gift into your purpose. As you begin to develop and improve your own skillset, sharing your gifts and skills with others will become a rewarding experience. Art has the amazing ability to create a spark within the minds of creators, and by sharing your own story with others you will be able to inspire others to follow their own passions.

On your journey, there will be a moment that sparks your passion and ignites your purpose through your gift. For me, the moment was being able to describe the way art inspired the minds of young children and sharing their story with others through my own writing. Watching the genuine excitement in these children’s eyes showed me the value of using my gift to share how important art is with others. This experience allowed me to see the bigger picture of my work and revealed the true purpose of my work. By finding the purpose behind my gift, my journey to becoming an art professional has been shaped by my goal to capture the inspiration of others by art in writing.

No matter how passionate you are about your gift, there will be times when you find yourself in a creative rut. A blockage of creative energy may feel as though you’ve found yourself falling several steps back, but it’s important to keep moving forward. When you find yourself stuck within a creative block, one of the most helpful things can be to focus on what exactly fuels your passion and how you can incorporate this fuel into your current work. As a writer, many of my creative struggles come in the form of writer’s block as I struggle to put the words onto a page, so I find ways to incorporate my own passions into my subject matter. My passion is fueled by watching art inspire the minds of individuals, and most of my favorite pieces have were written about others experiences’ within the arts. By looking back on the different experiences I have observed during my journey, these memories have driven me to overcome by writer’s block by remembering the importance of my gift.

Despite the hard work and occasional blocks, working towards becoming an art professional is one of the most rewarding experiences. It is an experience that is shaped by your own passions, as well as the influences of mentors and other creators. It is amazing to see the ways different aspects of my life have combined to inspire my creative energy, and I encourage any other aspiring artist to look at the world around them for inspiration. Be sure to find your gift, never stop working to improve, and always allow your purpose to fuel your passion.



Torie Tracy


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