Honesty is Analyzing Art Research

As a passionate and creative individual, Rui values honesty and friendship, and she is extremely grateful for how her parents raised her. She has a clear dream, and currently on the path to becoming a data analyst. Rui is currently working on her undergraduate degree in mathematics and statistics with a minor in computer science. When she’s not working in the STEM field, Rui enjoys music concerts and spending time at art museums and galleries.



In her role as the Art Research Analyst, Rui works to attract potential students and find information to help target marketing towards the appropriate demographic. She analyzes the students from the program’s art classes to provide Project 366 with feedback to help make future changes. Her position in the program allows her to collect data from the very beginning and work on all the steps throughout the process, which makes it easy to catch any mistakes and analyze the data correctly.



Rui is excited to see the beautiful patterns and beautiful sequences within the data she works with, and this allows her to create a link between the art and STEM fields. She knows there are still so many problems people cannot solve, and she believes that “where there is a problem, there is a business.” In her future endeavors, Rui hopes to make an impact by being the business that solves the problem.



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