Connecting Integrity

As a way to demonstrate the importance of career-driven choices in technology and help pupils discuss the value of integrity, Project 366 headed to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle’s office for the Connecting Integrity art class. Tom, a professional in the technology field, attends this event to help the pupils learn about the art for technology through his interactive discussion. By pointing out everyday objects like markers, a television, and cellphones, Tom shows the students how technology shaped the materials we use throughout our day. Encouraging the pupils to open the blank puzzles laid out in front of them, Tom began to explain how his love of problem-solving and puzzles led him to a degree in technology. Along with working in the technology field, Tom loves to share his passions with children by helping them find their creative outlets and encouraging them to find new ways to use technology.


Designing on blank puzzles, the pupils were asked to work with their mentors to create their own puzzle with a picture or favorite quote. Some of the pupils were able to incorporate technology into their designs with symbols like heart-eye emojis, or they were able to find inspiration on their phones. By finding ideas for their designs on apps like Pinterest, and including symbols seen on their phones, the pupils were able to see how technology influences all of their choices. While creating their puzzles, the students were able to explore the importance of building values by simply sharing resources and exchanging ideas. The puzzles also encouraged discussion between the mentors and mentees as they were able to bond, create, and problem-solve together. Along with the mentors of the pupils, Tom also serves as a mentor as he assists them in deciding what to create and inspiring them to explore their passions.


By opening the discussion between the pupils, Project 366 facilitated a conversation about the importance of integrity. When asked what integrity is, one pupil responded “doing what you say you’re going to do and saying what you mean”. By thinking about the importance of doing the right thing, the pupils were able to connect real-world situations they face at school or at home, and talk about the ways they can build their values!



Summer 2018

Torie Tracy


The House for Proteges



Craft inspiration in an art class
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