Culture Design Engineer

The position has been filled.


Start Time: January 2019


  • Work closely with Development Manager and assigned professional mentor to design program culture.
  • Develop internal culture model and execute approved initiatives to grow program.
  • Brainstorm and design uniforms for the Project 366 team and create standard dress code.
  • Perform market research online and in the field to develop standard operating procedures.
  • Work with mentor to update terms of service, policies and company handbook.
  • Assist in coordinating and hosting marketing events locally in the Triangle.
  • Produce personal professional development plan with Development Manager and mentor, and complete goals by June 2019.



  • Meet weekly on Saturday mornings with Project 366 team.
  • Able to operate a computer and communicate via telephone.
  • Create and complete content in a timely manner.
  • Work independently and as a team member.

To apply for the position please email a current resume to the Development Manager, Maggie Maple, at