The Armory

Our Heritage

Welcome to Project 366!  We are a local Saturday art program designed to inspire innovative choices in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEMs).  Our program creates art products and classes for our three houses (Pupils, Proteges, and Professionals) to bridge the labor gap, increase local industry growth and develop community inclusion across social classes.  

Our name came from the leap year of 2016 when we were first established. The project’s mission was to touch 366 souls in 366 days through art expression projects.  We realized a single year of arts and crafts was not enough to support the needs of our local community and then created an art program to offer various community members the opportunity to get involved and support each other through art.  The departments (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) were developed shortly after to support the major sectors in need and the program shifted from fine art to functional art. 

Our functional art is designed by a team of professionals to apply purposeful art within the STEM fields and inspire innovative choices.  Join our creative team in an art class or special event to become inspired in your current career field, develop ideas for future craft endeavors or to enjoy the thrills of creating an artistic masterpiece with your local community.



Our Quest

At Project 366, we create art classes to inspire innovative choices in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.



Our Pursuit

 Anchoring the future of art by bridging the gap between education and career transition, innovating industrial growth, and developing community inclusion.



Our Code of Honor

 We show compassion by promoting a positive culture for creative work environments to persevere in our actions.

We use integrity by creating opportunities for learning more and growing with respect for all.

We commit to loyalty by openly exchanging knowledge in our communication with empathy for one another.

We drive purpose by developing new ideas with engagement through our friendships.

We promote curiosity by sharing resources in creative ways to strengthen our success.



Our Infantry